Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Finish!

I think my friends and I started this in February and it is finally finished and is designated for a World War II veteran from Muldrow OK.

There will be no Slow Sunday Stitching today, since I will be packing and moving all my mother's belongings to storage.  Since she is facing an additional four months minimum in the nursing home recovering from a shattered femur, we have decided to let her apartment go.  Not a happy time for an 85 year-old who values her independence.

Enjoy your Slow Stitching today and send good thoughts my way to keep me packing and toting.

Linking with Slow Sunday Stitching.  Lots of beautiful work to look at.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching

Today I am binding a Quilt of Valor that has been in the works for MONTHS.   This has been a group project...piecing done by myself and a local friend here in Sallisaw,  quilting was done by another friend from Weleetka.  I am doing the binding.

This pattern is "Star-Spangled Beauty" from the Fons and Porter magazine Patriotic Quilts, issued in Fall 2013.  

Tools of the trade.  I found these Mini Binder Clips at WalMart...100 for under $5.  They work great, even with arthritic hands, AND stay on throughout my many adjustments of the quilt in my lap.  The small dish of STUFF is a magnetic parts dish from Harbor Freight.  This has been a great more dropped clips, needles, thinbles or pins.  

 Now, to keep motivated for a Slow Sunday, when I have on today's "to do list" ... church, take a beautiful fall walk, spar varnish a front porch rocker, complete one Christmas gift  and finish reading American Ghost by Hannah Nordhaus.  Good thing I got up at 5:30 this morning.   At 57 degrees right now, cozying up under my binding project sounds great.  So, time for another cup of Irish Breakfast Tea and stitching.