Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghastlie Day #2

Another fun day with the Ghastlies! Here is today's schedule. Enjoy!

Mrs. JudyC Ghastlie

Thank you so much for the 180+ comments that you have so kindly posted on my blog. Each comment will be read and I wish I could send a reply to all of you, but that is a bit overwhelming at the moment. My plan is to become a follower of your blogs where I can and send messages to those people who do not have blogs. Something to do during the winter days coming much to soon.

My Giveaway is now closed. I have 78 followers who have entered for the Ghastlie Glutch (clutch). I gave each entrant a number based on where they are on my followers list on my blog. Then, I used an online random number generator to select a winning number.

Shawna is a Winner!! Shawna has a Blogger profile, but doesn't list a personal blog site. So, I will contact her by email for a mailing address.

Have a really great day.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ghastlie Fever Cure Day!, 2011

If you have this thing for Ghastlies
and they have tied you in a knot
and you wish you could get them out of your mind
than this may be a thought.

We heard her plea for a cure
Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure
that we could stitch the nights away
in hopes that we MAY----???
( all 54 of us)


The side effects are Ghastlie
there is no mistaking too.
if you don't run this very minute
YOU too will catch the FLU...

We suspected all along
this was her master plan
she did not want to be alone,
with all YOU Ghastlie FANS...

I not only have cured my Ghastlie Fever ( I hope), but I want to encourage a certain college student in her culinary efforts (first week in her new apartment was cold cereal and badly cooked frozen pizzas) with this original creation -- the three-piece Ghastlie Gourmet Ensemble.

That apron really needs a couple of close-ups. I was late entering the blog hop and was only able to find two of the Ghastlies patterns. The two used for the pot holders are Ghastlies; the other three patterns used in the apron are not.

Never fear! This isn't my only Ghastlie creation. I also have a Ghastlie Gift that I will award some lucky follower of my blog, who also follows Madame Samm's blog. So, leave me a comment and I'll count you in. The Ghastlie Glutch....well, I couldn't find an alternate word for "clutch" that started with "G"!



And, inside.

Total size about 8" x 4.5"

Here are more Ghastlie Sisters who are posting today. Be sure to see them all. They will be Gloriously Ghastlie.

Mrs Holly Ghastlie

And the entire schedule can be seen and linked to at Madame Samm's blog.

Whew I am feeling great! No more Ghastlie Fever. Time to go dancing.

Ghastlie Blog Hop Tomorrow


Join me tomorrow as The Ghastlies Blog Hop begins. There are 54 bloggers in the Hop and I drew the first day of Show and Tell. We are all creating our own innovative items from Alexander Henry’s GHASTLIE fabric.

Check here again tomorrow for my home remedies for Ghastlie Fever. I will have links to the other four bloggers for tomorrow and a link to the entire schedule.

Another good reason to look into my blog tomorrow: a GIVEAWAY! All you have to do to enter my giveaway is become a follower of my blog and of Madame Samm's blog and leave a comment on my blog after you view the Ghastlie creations.

Have a Ghastlie Good Evening.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What are you up to this morning? I am cleaning floors -- with a back brace and taking muscle relaxers and pain medication. Actually, I am quitting with only half of the 13 floors done. Gotta sell this place and get fewer floors. Do they make self-cleaning floors, like self- cleaning ovens, self-defrosting freezers, etc?). We really are trying to sell the farm and move into something half the size of this house. Anyone want 112 acres with home and barns on the North Canadian River in OK?

The rest of my day belongs to Ghastlie Work. Visit my blog on 24 October to see what I am doing.

Since Kat has moved to college, I have turned her bedroom into an office/guest bedroom. No bed installed yet, but in the plan- so don't come for a visit for a couple more weeks. And her HUGE closet with window has become a great sewing room. Tons of shelves for storage. Still lugging supplies down from the loft, but will have it fully operational soon. Bringing down the maple school library table is going to be a job. Haven't broken that news to my husband, yet. I'm going to promise to convert the loft to another guest bedroom/craft studio/ and most important to him, a shotgun shell loading station with TV. That should get that table downstairs in no time at all.

The happiest advantage of my new room is no more trekking downstairs every 30 minutes to the bathroom. It is great exercise, but very tiring and disruptive to the creative processes. So, each afternoon you will now be able to find me in the closet - without TV.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Empty Nest -- Again

Hello, to all my friends! I realize that I have been missing from our blogging community for about two years. Which surprisingly coincides closely to the time our 16-year-old granddaughter came to live with us.

Now, I have raised two sons, so I have faced the trials of the teenage years -- I am no novice to child-rearing. But these last two years have been about anticipation (of everything) and mixed emotions (about everything) ! Falling in love ( let's see, she is in love for the seventh or eighth time ), trying to fit into her favorite pair of jeans
( jeans from the Junior section when she is 6'1"--"but they're soooo cute"), nervous picking at those zits and sores ( I should have bought stock in Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Band-Aid ), ditching classes…sigh!, and a total slob inside her bedroom (she says I have OCD). She has been a mini tornado (we DO live in Oklahoma) with multiple personalities and mood swings; but, thankfully, she is also studious and an achiever.

Two weeks ago, she rented her first apartment, 120 miles away in Stillwater OK, where she will be attending Oklahoma State University. Yes, my studious achiever, will be an eighteen-year-old, almost junior, majoring in microbiology. I am overjoyed with her successes - highschool valedictorian, state champion soprano soloist, recipient of several scholarships, member of a national honor society. I worry that she is pushing herself too hard and too fast ( And recently found out that my worries have been correct. She is not a bright star this semester. Hopefully it will be a lesson well-learned and heeded ).

So, now I am free of worry (NOT!), free of teenage conflict (Hooray!), free to move back into MY bathroom, free to forget about cooking a nutritious dinner for a growing teenager, free to stay out as late as I want, free to sleep as late as I want, free to travel.

Free to cry because I miss her so.