Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today I am being "neighborly". We have these very nice people who live across the North Canadian River from us. Depending on which way the river is running, our properties touch in the river or on the south bank. These neighbors are part-time residents of Oklahoma right now. O. is a doctor in Germany and hasn't quite decided to retire to our rural life, though his wife, S. is ready to move today. They originally were planning on raising and breeding horses for sale, but have found that today's economy lends itself to a need for rescuing and caring for abandoned horses and dogs.
Meine freunde (see, y'all can understand German!) have appointed me doggie nurse until they return. They have a ranch manager, but his main purpose is daily care and feeding of 40+ horses and 7 dogs. I, on the other hand, have control of the heartworm pills and veterinary visits. And today was a particularly stressful visit - for the dogs, not me.
This is Bonnie (black) and Clyde (brindle). So named for their marauding escapades on the back roads of Oklahoma. There will be no little Bonnies or little Clydes after today's visit to Dr. Stan Jenkins, DVM. He has put his mark on them. Don't you just feel for them?

In addition to major surgery ( Ask any human male you know and he will say Clyde went through MAJOR surgery), the poor puppies had to have booster shots, tick dip AND they have tape worms. So, they are lounging on my sun porch for at least 3 days in order that I might give them their daily worming.
And, how are my darling Border Collies handling all this attention Bonnie and Clyde are getting? They are relegated to their kennels for the duration. Now, that isn't as bad as it sounds. There are four 4' by 10' kennels with sleeping igloos and a 40' by 90' run. And of course, they follow me around during my gardening hours. They just can't sleep in the house, while we have company.
So S., this post is for you. I'm taking very good care of your puppies. See you around the middle of September in Germany.