Sunday, November 16, 2014

Twas the Night

This blog hop has given me tons of new ideas for gift-giving and I expect to see many more great ideas this week.  Though, I must say this has been a difficult assignment for mind doesn't work for quick gifts AND I always wait until December 15 to start, so those become Valentine gifts.
 Thank you Madame Samm and Marlene for pushing me to get started SEW early.  Now with all the great ideas I have seen this past week, I am really on a roll.  Let's see, if I make one gift per least two dozen handmade gifts to give.  Love it!

Look what I received from Selina.  It came packaged in this cheerful sack with these very clever gift cards made by copying and printing on her computer.  She said the yellow ones were computer malfunction, but I think they are great.  Needless to say,  I have used up all my computer ink copying and printing many different fabrics.  Never too old to learn another skill.

I have to admit that I did not know what these were.  Thankfully Selina included a nice card of explanation.  But, my husband used one last night to keep his soup warm and declared it a winner.  The gift, not the soup.  So, thank you so much, Selina, for the microwave bowl warmers and trivet.
They will be used often.

Now on to my own quick and some not-so-quick gifts.

A Kindle cover made from upholstery fabric.

A wool penny rug hanging.

This next is actually for a November birthday.  A hobo bag purse with attached keyring wristlet and an included zippered "whatever" bag.

Set of four homespun fabric placemats and napkins.  The napkins are loosely tied with fabric strips printed with Christmas greetings.  I love homespun fabrics.

Ummm, remember this fabric?  This was supposed to be a cell phone carrier, but I was interrupted in mid cutting and didn't recheck measurements when I resumed.  So,  the birthday girl doesn't get a coordinated cell phone carrier for her hobo bag, but someone gets a sewer's helper to wear while working.

I have a disabled relative that loves all the casinos we have here in Oklahoma.  He should enjoy this card case for some of his casino cards.  It is made of a fake leather material.  

And for chairside sewing while watching Armchair Sewing Caddy.  My first try at machine quilting.   This pattern is from Maureen Greeson.  I tried to link with her website, but it must be an old pattern..the link didn't work.

This is a tiny Treasure Box ...3.25" x 3.5"...probably will hold a special piece of jewelry.  This pattern came from Quilting Arts Magazine, but I made this one 25% larger than the original pattern.   The first picture is with the box opened flat.  The second is fully closed.  I love boxes and bags, so had fun with this.

This folk art mantle scarf is from a 2006 issue of Love of Quilting.  It was intended as a gift for someone, but may stay in my home, since it looks like the mice in the barn celebrated their own early Christmas in my Christmas ornaments and decorations. 

And, last...lots of yo yo decorations.  These will become tree decorations, or package decorations, or with a little more embellishment,  lapel pins.  This was my evening de-stress activity and I was enjoying it until I learned there is something called a Clover Quick Yo Yo Maker.  

Be sure to visit the rest of today's bloggers and cheer them on.  

Monday, Nov. 17
Lakeshore Stitches (this is where you are)

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.