Thursday, April 16, 2015

Antique Store Saved My Latte

Hmmm...Latte?   I don't even know what a latte tastes like...or looks like.  My mother, husband, siblings, children and grandchildren are great fans of all coffees.  I, on the other hand, do not like anything coffee or coffee-flavored.  I crave chocolate and have been tempted by mocha desserts, but can't get past the coffee taste.  What a waste of chocolate!

So, I really was having trouble coming up with ideas.  I wasn't thrilled with the fabric line or the colors.  Couldn't figure out how to use the fabric in my house...needed to find someone to gift.  My mother just moved into a new apartment and it is very stark right now.  She loves coffee; she needs apartment decorating; her new furniture has the major colors of this fabric.  Perfect.

While waiting for the fabric to arrive...and still no plan, I was aimlessly wandering through a local antique/collectibles store and found these for $2 each.

Now, I have direction.  (Too bad I don't know how to adjust the time and  date on my camera).

A reversible table runner.  The good side.

And, the not so good side...don't ask.

Next was a set of snack size placemats.  Notice that one is for a

Now, we need something for the wall above her table.

Close-up of stitchery to give more texture and dimension...

Okay, I still dislike coffee, but love this fabric.  This picture was taken on day 4 of rain, rain and more rain.  But the sun decided to peak out just long enough to leave a shadow across my handiwork.

The remaining antique store placemats will become chair pads with coffee cup ruffle.

Thanks to Joan at Moostash Quilting for leading us through this hop and to Madame Samm for the idea.

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