Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's ALMOST Summer......

I was really looking forward to participating in "Tammy 4 All Seasons" and got an early start in mid-December with pauses for holiday commitments.  Not to worry...plenty of time to finish well before my "due date".

Enter Murphy's Law:  If anything can go wrong, it will.  On New Year's Day, my mother fell and broke her hip.  Since she can no longer live alone, we started the grueling process of moving her belongings to my sister's house.  This involved multiple trips for me driving from my home to mother's apartment, to sister's home, to the nursing home, and back to my home....330 mile round trip.  I have logged over 1500 miles in the last two weeks, with more to come.

And, somewhere in this saga, I have damaged a retina!  So I am showing you my failure at finishing this project.

I chose Summer, but did not use vintage fabric...though the red on the bag is a 1930's copy print.  I ended up using 14 point white fabric for the stitching, which I normally shy away from.

I actually had two lovely 28 point an Irish Linen and a hand dyed fabric in a Queen Anne's Lace color that I was excited to try.  So, I began on the hand dyed while sitting in the hospital with my mother.  I just could NOT see well enough...even with my Beam and Read.

I may not have used vintage fabric, but I did try to use my vintage Beam and Read.  This is over 20 years old and sports a single, incandescent bulb.  It was no help.  I considered just throwing it out, but looks like the fault lies with my retinal problem, not my ancient stitching pal.  I am definitely looking for the new model, though.

After I switched to 14 point white fabric, the stitching went somewhat better, until the nurse told me it would be best to turn out the room lights to make it more restful for my mother.  So, I tried to stitch standing at the room window on a dark, cloudy day.  When I got home to bright sunlight reflecting off the lake outside my doors, I realized my grey outline stitches were not grey enough.

I chose to make a ruffle, rather than box pleats...again because I could do it at the hospital.

This was still fun, in spite of all my trials and tribulations.  As soon as I get my eyesight repaired, I intend finishing the project.

Please visit the rest of our "Tammy 4 All Seasons" participants.  You won't be disappointed in the quality of their work.

January 16, 2015

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Here is the schedule for our next Blog Hop.  Please join us and comment on all the amazing work everyone has completed.  

And, keep your fingers crossed that I will be ready on my day, Jan 16.  My mother broke her hip a few days ago and I am making 200-300 mile round trips to take care of her affairs.  I thought retirement meant no more stress.  

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