Thursday, January 8, 2009


My sister, Patty, and I are participating in 
our first online Quiltathon  this weekend.  We will link up with Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times  and post our progress there. Patty is a more experienced quilter than I and even has a dedicated sewing/quilting room, so we will spend the day at her house. Also, it is the only way I can quilt without constant interruptions
from Border Collies, Irish Dexter cattle, chickens, etc. that are always calling for my attention. 

Though our main project for the Quiltathon will be to finish Patty's redwork quilt, which I have yet to see, I have a couple of small items I would like to accomplish.  I have always cut my quilt blocks individually with scissors.  There is a rotary cutter in my scissors drawer, but I have never used it because of  pain in my hands when I press on the cutter - another little gift of Lupus. Patty is an expert with the cutter and will help me figure out a different way to hold it.  I don't really mind using the old, slow way of cutting, though. I am just beginning a sampler quilt for my new king-size bed and will cut a few blocks for that.
It looks like I was in a pink mood when I purchased these fabrics. Perhaps I should find a few more greens or another dark color to appease my husband, since he is NEVER politically correct and thinks pink is for girls only.  I tried quoting scientific articles which maintain that the color pink induces calmness and would therefore help one fall asleep easier.  He is not buying this argument.

I am looking forward to the Quiltathon as an impetus to get me started on my quilt and as a chance to spend time with my sister.  She is my next door neighbor (1/4 mile apart in the "outback" of Oklahoma) but we rarely see each other more that a few minutes each week.  If we enjoy this weekend, I hope that we make it happen again.