Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lucky Me!

I delayed writing this post to show you all the luck I have had this past month.

    Remember the See You In September Blog Hop?

Thank you Deonn S.  for providing these great patterns (and even the center panel and embroidery thread for one)  for your Giveaway.  I won!
Hope to start the tree skirt today.

How about the Rush Hour Blog Hop?

I won another Giveaway!  A coffee cup sleeve and two seasonally appropriate fat quarters.  Additionally, I saved the stamp from the package, since it came from Norway.  
Thank you Anita S. for your Giveaway.

But, wait....another Rush Hour gift.

In my comment to Linda J, I mentioned that I was going to try to find this pattern that she used on the Rush Hour Blog Hop.  She graciously offered the pattern to me....her actual words were..."I am done with it, like really done with it".  Is she trying to tell me something?  
Thanks for the gift, Linda.  I love challenges.

Yesterday, my husband dropped me off at a quilt show and said he was going to a hardware store.  As I made my way around to all the vendors, I came upon a gentleman selling Singer Featherweights...and his customer was my husband.

A 1946 Singer Featherweight 221-1...and it isn't even Christmas, yet.
How much luck can a girl have in one month?

And to end my day, another great gift.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Review: The Grave Robber, by Mark Batterson

Go next door to Lakeshore's Library for my review of The Grave Robber, How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Mark Batterson.  Then, read the book for a faith kick start.