Monday, September 21, 2015

Freedom Day

Since the touted leisure time of retirement is very illusive here at Lakeshore House, we have designated one day per week as "Freedom Day".  That means freedom from the demands of family members, freedom from the demands of house and gardens.  We are free to indulge in hobbies, books, movies, touring....whatever catches our fancy.  This fun day was instituted as a New Year's Day Resolution and since then, we have only managed about one day per month.  We have lost our free days by driving a son to Dallas to catch a plane to Cambodia, moving a granddaughter to a new apartment, caring for my mother who has broken her leg twice in the past eight months, awarded a Quilt of Valor to a WWII veteran in Arkansas, etc, etc.  Life happens, doesn't it? 

So, just to be on the safe side, we started our Freedom Day yesterday and are continuing it today.  Yesterday was a lovely, cool, though wet day in Fort Smith, Arkansas and with our track record of losing our free time in mind, we set out for the Fort Smith Little Theater for a matinee performance, in spite of the rain. 

A humorous British comedy that would have been even more enjoyable if the theater air conditioning had not been set at FRIGID. 

Food is fuel, right?  Fuel means warmth, right?   Next stop : Paizis Gyros and Baklava.

And today...Freedom Day, the man is in his Man Cave doing man stuff and this will be how I spend the rest of today.

Binding a Quilt of Valor for another WWII veteran.    
Working up the courage to do free motion quilting on this with my 1946 Featherweight 221.   I took a class recently from Betty Kent New at the Blackgum Harvestime Quilt Show (love that name) in Vian, Oklahoma.  I was a total failure!

This is a counted cross stitch wolf from the Endangered Species from Cross My Heart.  It IS a wolf but it has become my "Albatross".  I began this for my grandson when he was eight.....he is now 24.  It is on 22 pt canvas and my eyesight has degenerated to 12 pt.   The pattern page has yellowed and become so brittle I had to make fresh copies.  I will continue to plod through this project and hope to finish it before I become a great-grandmother.  On a brighter note...great-looking stitchery bag given to me by my cousin, Marlene. 
Time to get busy or I will lose the rest of Freedom Day.