Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another First

At this point in my life should I really contemplate beginning something new and foreign to my nature?  I've always been a "loner" so perhaps the anonymity of blogging does fit my nature and I love disrupting my quiet life by attempting to learn, learn, learn.  I need to learn to repair my clarinet, navigate more efficiently through genealogy sites, to use our Shopsmith, to groom the dogs with an electric trimmer, to train my Border Collies to herd, to halter train my Irish Dexter cattle, to use a welder so that I can create metal sculptures, to watercolor, to put more hours in my day.  My list is endless, but not hopeless. Learning is an adventure for me.  My theory is that learning something new every day will stave off old age and keeping current will keep me in touch with my grandchildren.  
The physical and mental act of blogging will be easy since I love to write.  Putting the time into my daily schedule will be a challenge for me.  
So, look for me again soon. I promise to learn to be a dependable blogger.