Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blogging Without Obligation

I spent my blog creation time today reacquainting myself with the blogs on my reading list and I was dismayed to see so many that apologize for not posting more often....which was exactly what I intended saying.  Why do we feel OBLIGATED to be a frequent and popular blogger?  My blogging community has become my circle of friends and I hope they feel the same about THEIR blogging
communities.  And, as friends we accept each other as expectations, no obligations.

So, since this 68 year old barely survived two miles on the treadmill at the gym this afternoon (tried to post a funny cartoon about that, but still stumbling through the posting process), I will leave you with some words from "Down the Rabbit Hole", encouragement to Blog Without Obligation.

  • Because you shouldn’t have to look at your blog like it is a treadmill.
  • Because its okay to just say what you have to say. If that makes for a long post, fine. Short post, fine. Frequent post, fine. Infrequent post, fine.
  • Because its okay to not always be enthralled with the sound of your own typing.
  • Because sometimes less is more.
  • Because only blogging when you feel truly inspired keeps up the integrity of your blog.
  • Because they are probably not going to inscribe your stat, link and comment numbers on your tombstone.
  • Because for most of us blogging is just a hobby. A way to express yourself and connect with others. You should not have to apologize for lapses in posts. Just take a step back and enjoy life, not everything you do has to be “bloggable”.
  • Because if you blog without obligation you will naturally keep your blog around longer, because it won’t be a chore. Plus, just think you will be doing your part to eradicate post pollution. One post at a time. . .


  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving me a note!

    Could not remember your name
    So followed your link

    And to read this post of your's
    Really struck home.

    I'm an infrequent blogger
    And have been for a number of months
    Some times feeling guilty

    Your thought on blogging hit right here, gal !

    While i have been busy creating
    Just not the time/inclination to post.

    However, I am trying to step back from being obsessive about knitting to make time for other pursuits.

    I love sewing. I've acquired several vintage machine that have been just sitting around waiting on me.

    This big boy machine - so called because of his weight and size - just yelled at me to give a chance

    So my Bernina was pulled out of the table and the Model 15 retro fitted in it's place

    And the two of us are working on a scrap Spiderweb quilt. Lap size I believe

    So, thanks for visiting this afternoon


  2. Wonderful post Barbara! I have had times that I apologized for not posting too and you are right....we shouldn't do that. I blog because I love showing what I create and sharing with others. It is my journal.

  3. Thank you very much for this post!
    It is all so right and I shout print this and put the paper on my computer. *lol*