Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Quilt of Life Has A New Block

I have been missing from Blogger for three very stressful and busy years.  During this time I have served as a State Coordinator for Quilts of Valor Foundation, suffered with my two sons during their illnesses and life changes, sent my granddaughter into the adult world, supported my mother through her heart and macular degeneration problems, learned to cook for my diabetic husband, learned to accept my own limitations due to Lupus, .... and sold the farm.

So, now we have downsized from 112 acres and 2600 sq ft, 90 year old house, to 4 acres and 1800 sq ft house.  We traded the seclusion of woodlands for the tranquility of watching the lake from the back porch.  We are still struggling with the downsizing part...where to put STUFF, what to get rid of, missing the animals, (husband bemoaning the loss of his big-boy tractor), but loving all the new found freedom.

I have reduced my commitment to Quilts of Valor to being a coordinator for only 1/4 of  the state, until I find a younger volunteer to step up.  All the family health issues have stabilized.  And, I love my new 4 year old repairs!   We are looking for a fishing boat, joining a gym, hiking, and traveling.  My Itty-Bitty Studio is almost finished.  My old blog, Parsley Creek Farm, has been retired and  Lakeshore Stitches has been born.

Exciting days ahead!


  1. Welcome back to blogging. I wanted to thank you for following and commenting on my blog, but you are a no-reply commentor. You need to go into your profile page and add your e-mail so people can respond to your comments. I have a button on my sidebar that explains how to do this if you are not sure.

  2. Vroomans' Quilts, thanks for the help. I get paranoid about security, which is silly since I have over 500 members on my Facebook pages and most have my email address....duh. Thanks, again.

  3. there is something about downsizing that I never look back...we went from 8,000 sq foot estate to 1200. and 800 downstairs.....I never regret it one moment....WE sold everything so we did not have to worry about what to keep..we had everything made for this home...again no regrets...
    I am thinking I would like smaller...there is such a freedom to not have here I am clapping and bowing down to you..welcome to a new normal

    and I tooo could not answer back to you

    i….ohhh I am soo with you….I to started as graphic designer in signage..than I got into vectors and still I love words..presently I am stitching silently singing this song that will bring many to tears
    when I reveal it….it is very touching…and I think it makes this quilt even more special….
    YOU Matter!

  4. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Welcome back to blogging and for sharing your life altering journey. I know I face downsizing in my future. You are brave and I admire that. Creative Bliss...