Thursday, October 13, 2011

What are you up to this morning? I am cleaning floors -- with a back brace and taking muscle relaxers and pain medication. Actually, I am quitting with only half of the 13 floors done. Gotta sell this place and get fewer floors. Do they make self-cleaning floors, like self- cleaning ovens, self-defrosting freezers, etc?). We really are trying to sell the farm and move into something half the size of this house. Anyone want 112 acres with home and barns on the North Canadian River in OK?

The rest of my day belongs to Ghastlie Work. Visit my blog on 24 October to see what I am doing.

Since Kat has moved to college, I have turned her bedroom into an office/guest bedroom. No bed installed yet, but in the plan- so don't come for a visit for a couple more weeks. And her HUGE closet with window has become a great sewing room. Tons of shelves for storage. Still lugging supplies down from the loft, but will have it fully operational soon. Bringing down the maple school library table is going to be a job. Haven't broken that news to my husband, yet. I'm going to promise to convert the loft to another guest bedroom/craft studio/ and most important to him, a shotgun shell loading station with TV. That should get that table downstairs in no time at all.

The happiest advantage of my new room is no more trekking downstairs every 30 minutes to the bathroom. It is great exercise, but very tiring and disruptive to the creative processes. So, each afternoon you will now be able to find me in the closet - without TV.


  1. Have fun cleaning, I gave it up for the rest of the month! Just kidding.
    I will honk when I get to Oklahoma tomorrow. So listen for me!

  2. I'll be sure I don't call you in the afternoons so I don't disrupt. :) blessings, marlene

  3. hmm...going "in" the closet instead of coming "out" of the closet...hahaha Enjoy your new space and all that extra time you'll have not running so far to the bathroom!

  4. psst are you ready for tomorrow...ghastlie blog hop begins, you are number 2 for our hop