Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghastlie Day #2

Another fun day with the Ghastlies! Here is today's schedule. Enjoy!

Mrs. JudyC Ghastlie

Thank you so much for the 180+ comments that you have so kindly posted on my blog. Each comment will be read and I wish I could send a reply to all of you, but that is a bit overwhelming at the moment. My plan is to become a follower of your blogs where I can and send messages to those people who do not have blogs. Something to do during the winter days coming much to soon.

My Giveaway is now closed. I have 78 followers who have entered for the Ghastlie Glutch (clutch). I gave each entrant a number based on where they are on my followers list on my blog. Then, I used an online random number generator to select a winning number.

Shawna is a Winner!! Shawna has a Blogger profile, but doesn't list a personal blog site. So, I will contact her by email for a mailing address.

Have a really great day.