Saturday, April 4, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Well,  the ceiling is repaired and refinished - after one mishap that caused a week delay.  It looks great - pictures possibly on Sunday.

In the midst of the ceiling repair, we had what the Oklahoma weather forecaster called a "blizzard" - six inches of wet, blowing snow (no snickering from you northerners).  It was bad enough that the electricity was out for five hours.  That was no problem for me since I have wood and propane heat.  But, that meant no electricity to the cattle fencing.  So, off I went chasing cows in the snow.  My sister helped me fork several carts of loose hay to them since we had to lock them into corrals.  Very unhappy cows.  After the snow melted, fence patrol revealed no breaks and the cows were happily released into their pasture.

In the ensuing days, the bull got out - that resulted in a couple of days of fence repair in his pasture.  He's such a big baby that he follows me anywhere with the promise of special feed.

I have sold my 90' by 20' greenhouse, so am in the process of removing all the gardening equipment that I am keeping and creating storage space for all of it in the barn.  The difficult part is trying to find somewhere for my pottery kiln and weight machine - guess we will have to build a workshop for me.  Since my horses have died, I also have saddles and other gear to find a home for.  Maybe, I can sell them at the Lincoln County Cowboy Day - flea market for ranching and cowboy STUFF.

Since the living room is cleared of EVERYTHING, I have begun painting the walls.  I am using much deeper hued colors that I have used before.  It is intimidating and may require slipcovering the sofa, but the color scheme is growing on me.  I will have a hard time convincing my husband that the re-decorating will enhance his world though.

Gotta run.  My alarm says it is time to clean house.  I am working inside today - 35 mile an hour winds are just no fun for outdoors work.


  1. I agree that wind has been crazy the last several days. I heard this morning temperature is going below freezing for a couple of glad we don't any bedding plants out yet.

    Don't work too hard and let it get you down...

  2. You certainly have a lot going on.

  3. Amelia & Yogi - as I chase cows across the snow covered or mud engorged pastures, I console myself that it is keeping me healthy and younger than my 62 years. Certainly keeps boredom at bay!

  4. Sounds like you have been very busy. good luck with the painting, getting a room ready to paint or carpet is the hardest part.

  5. Stay safe tonight, I hear the wind and fires are the worst!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog again! You must be busy at your place.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear your horses died !!

    As for lupus and echinacea, I can only suggest you talk to your careprovider. I can tell you that i have lupus and have had for many years. When on the rare occasion I do become ill, i treat myself with echinacea and other immune boosters. I am in no way recommending that anyone else do that, it's just what works for me :)

  8. Rainy days here!

    Even though I've knitted a few pairs of socks, I still consider myself a novice. The green yarn (and the brown before them) is a Peruvian wool from Knit Picks. It wasn't but $1.99 per skein.

    I did splurge recently with superwash wool blend from Knit Picks at about $3.50 per skein/ball. I'm going to do the self-striping yarn socks next.