Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living Room Ceiling Repair

The result of the last several hard rainstorms - the stain is about 15' long.

So, every item had to be removed and most was STUFFED into dining room and bedroom.

Now it will look like this for the next 3 days! (Notice how I have absolutely no control over the placement of these photos).

The ceiling was done in that horrible popcorn junk in about 1983. This process is a mess, but I will be so glad to have a ceiling that I can dust. Now, if only I could afford to remove the popcorn in the other 9 rooms! I did successfully paint the bedroom ceiling and it didn't come crashing onto my head in a big messy goo. Maybe I'll try that again.

Anyway, I am going to have a nice clean, (stainless), bright living room ceiling.

And notice the paint chips on the sofa in the third picture. After all those years, living in military housing where you were forbidden to paint the white walls, my creativity has lain dormant. But, I am going to be brave and paint those white walls a nice Craftsman-style green. I DO have a degree in Art, you know. I CAN do this! I WILL do this!?


  1. What a job you are about to understake with all this painting. What color are you going to paint the ceiling?

    My house was built in the 70's and pop corn ceilings in each room...impossible to dust...and if you take a blower to get rid of the cobwebbs etc you take a chance of blowing some of the pop corn off...and then another problem. Oh well, minor problem in the realm of other things in this world.

    Enjoy the day - plant a flower - or go fishing - or kiss a baby.

    Amelia - Tecumseh, OK

  2. Been there, replacing popcorn ceiling. Ugh. Good for you for going with green instead of "off white."

  3. I want to paint when I want to paint...not when I have to. LOL

    To answer your question. I have a short story published in an anthology and a local publication chose the second of three parts to publish...go figure. Here's a way to get you to visit my blog again. ;o) Go to it, scroll down and look to the right. When you get to the tags, click on 'Writing.' It will take you to the information on the anthology and the three part story. Go all the way to the bottom and read up to get everything in order.

    In the meantime, "the" manuscript is making its round of rejections. ;o(

  4. I have that ceiling stuff too and hate it. Jerry's cousin took it off her bathroom ceiling by spraying it with water and soaking it really good, then scraping it off. She said it came right off in big sheets and dropped onto the plastic sheets she had put down. That might work in a bathroom but a big room - that would be a real job! blessings, marlene

  5. Yikes! Are you getting the heavy rains out there, like I am in OKC?

    My current house does not have the popcorn ceilings - they are the same texture (not smooth) as the walls. At least it looks consistent.