Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching

Today I am binding a Quilt of Valor that has been in the works for MONTHS.   This has been a group project...piecing done by myself and a local friend here in Sallisaw,  quilting was done by another friend from Weleetka.  I am doing the binding.

This pattern is "Star-Spangled Beauty" from the Fons and Porter magazine Patriotic Quilts, issued in Fall 2013.  

Tools of the trade.  I found these Mini Binder Clips at WalMart...100 for under $5.  They work great, even with arthritic hands, AND stay on throughout my many adjustments of the quilt in my lap.  The small dish of STUFF is a magnetic parts dish from Harbor Freight.  This has been a great more dropped clips, needles, thinbles or pins.  

 Now, to keep motivated for a Slow Sunday, when I have on today's "to do list" ... church, take a beautiful fall walk, spar varnish a front porch rocker, complete one Christmas gift  and finish reading American Ghost by Hannah Nordhaus.  Good thing I got up at 5:30 this morning.   At 57 degrees right now, cozying up under my binding project sounds great.  So, time for another cup of Irish Breakfast Tea and stitching.


  1. Amazing what a little chill in air can motivate us to get something done! Your quilt of valor is wonderful!

  2. A chilly day is the best sort of day for binding a quilt especially when it is for such a good cause - the recipient is very lucky to have such a wonderful quilt

  3. A perfect wAy to send a chilly morning!

  4. Doing hand work on quilt binding is one of my favorite Slow Stitching projects to do. Very nice QOV.

  5. Ooooo... a magnetic dish is a fantastic idea... no more lost needles or clips!