Friday, December 5, 2008

Sidney Wins Giveaway!

It has taken me awhile to get this posted, because the poor dog (Sidney) is still not adjusted to her new life and would not unwrap herself from my ankles long enough to for me to take a picture of her modeling her new collar.
The collar was donated by GoneDoggie through the generous service of Give Away A Day.

Sidney thanks both of these very nice ladies for her new look.


  1. What kind of do is Sidney, Carol? And how far are you from Ft. Smith? blessings, marlene

  2. He is beautiful Carol! I adore his name as well...: ) (Sidney was my paternal Grandfather's name!)

    Our dog Kipper is part Border Collie. he was a little rescue that we brought home when he was small. He is such a joy!


  3. We have two Border Collie mixes, rescued when they were 2 years old! They are 8 now!